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Another Lockdown for Port Macquarie

After just coming out of a two week lockdown... which I am sure for many parents felt like a life time of ground hog days.... we are again subject to another week of lockdowns. However we like to think of it as a way to sit and relax, pull out some old records you haven't listened to in a while, educate the kids on what real music is. Music from the soul. Music that reminds you of the 'good old days' where 20c brought you a whole heap of hot chips - with vinegar.

In order to help our beautiful LGA of the Mid North Coast get through another week - which may I add also includes a long weekend (I know right, seriously), Dark Alley Collectables are offering free delivery to our LGA.

We know that music is so good for you. It takes you places you never thought you could go. It reminds you of the places you have been. It helps you to relax. Unwind and forget your troubles and worries.

One customer has already taken us up on the offer, and sent in this video of her Disco Fever, double LP. She said even the kids were up and dancing in the lounge room - however were not allowed to be filmed for 'social media' because that would be too embarrassing.

Stay strong NSW.... and also Victoria. We're all in this together and are stronger than we think. Keep creative. Keep strong. Drink wine. We've got this covered.

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